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Pregnant Feet.

Swollen, sore, tired feet are a usual thing during pregnancy. Our bodies systems are out of balance when growing a human. What can be done to help the body and the feet specifically?

Foot zoning!

The definition of foot zoning is applied pressure to specific places on the foot creating balance throughout the whole body.

Now let’s list all the benefits of foot zoning:

One hour to kick feet up and relax

Balancing the body

Detoxing the body

Feels good

Gets digestive system moving(wink, wink)

Fills your bucket of selfcare

Better sleep

Emotional release (We have good laughs)

Besides foot zoning there are other ways to help out those tootsies.

Epsom salt foot soaks are wonderful to reduce swelling and to help replenish magnesium. I recommend ½ cup of Epsom salt for a foot soak. Soaking feet in cool water helps decrease the body temperature and just feels good.

Using a tennis ball or golf ball to roll out your own feet is also a nice way to hit reflex spots. If someone is available to rub your feet, have them use essential oils such as grapefruit, lavender and geranium.

Keep loving those feet and take the time to relax. It really does help in overall wellness and to balance the body.

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