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When many people hear the word, DOULA, they usually do not know what the full aspect of the word really means. As a birth doula, my hope is to help the mom and partner have the most amazing and personal labor and birthing experience they possibly can. To every woman, that looks different. My job is to help facilitate every possibility to achieve that and be an advocate for the mom and partner.

When you envision your labor and birthing experience, what does that look like to you?

Is it at a hospital with a doctor or midwife? Hospitals have the comfort of the emergency medical staff in the case of an emergency. There are many possibilities and options for comfort measures and pain relief at a hospital that a birthing center or home birth do not have.

Is it at a birthing center? Birthing centers are wonderful for women who want the natural birth experience with the safety and reassurance of medical staff on hand or nearby if an emergency did arise. The atmosphere of a BC is so peaceful and can be tailored to how you want to labor and birth.

Maybe you imagine yourself giving birth right in the comfort of your own home? You can have family and loved ones surrounding you and encouraging you to bring your baby-earth side in the loving space you share as a family.

There is no right or wrong way or place to have your baby. I love being a doula because I get to help moms and support them and their partners to have the most magical and personal labor and delivery experience they possibly can. I am your advocate. I am your safe space holder. I am your cheerleader and friend. Being a doula is so much more than just helping you give birth. I love that I can assist the mom and the partner emotionally and physically. One of my favorite things that couples have said to me after their birth experience is that they didn’t know having a baby could be this intimate and personal.

I became a doula because my first birth was very traumatic and such an awful experience and I never want another woman to go through what I did. I wish I would have known then what I know now, so I am trying to help and share my knowledge and love of all things BIRTH with as many people as possible! Having a baby, whether it's the first baby or you’re expanding your family, can be scary, overwhelming and at the same time, earth shattering, amazing! I love building connections with clients and having them fully trust in themselves to prepare and give birth the way they want and envision.

I would love to reach more families in the community we live in to promote positive birthing experiences!

I am also a Fitness Instructor and Certified Personal Trainer. Health and wellness is a huge part of my life and I really enjoy sharing my love of that with expecting or postpartum moms. If this is something that I can assist with, I would love the opportunity to work with women in our community to bring a positive light to health and wellness both prenatal and postpartum.

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